Threat and Risk Management

Threats come in all shapes and sizes, from the mass phishing campaigns to targeted attacks, there are no shortage of bad guys with time on their hands. Over the past 5-10 year, there have been a dramatic increase of malicious activity on the rise due to the pervasiveness of technology and information.  This allows for people with relatively little  knowledge perform advanced techniques to hold your company hostage.  Being  reactive in 2017 will only cost you more in the long run, with our threat, risk and vulnerability management program, we can help you be proactive by addressing outstanding vulnerabilities and mitigating risk.

It is important to understand that a single attack can be costly and possibly hurt reputation and respect for an organization.  We can help you protect your customers information.

To help understand and mitigate risk, we are partnering FixNix to help automate your risk management.


FixNix Cloud based risk management software